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Based on the belief that we are not the only one in the glue industry, we try to follow production with a new vision and special skills to keep pace with quality in production, so our widespread production in the world motivates us to stay as the best producers and to protect the trust of all our customers.

There are countless times in which the company has demonstrated its commitment to its customers and has strictly confidentiality that ensures the protection of their business.

Our company produces all kinds of adhesives for shoes, tarpaulins, satin, rubber, leather, cardboard, fiber, sponge shoes, rugs, wood and formica.

Our company continuously strives to build partnerships with its customers, by working on solutions to their constraints and providing the technical assistance required to improve their production.

Years of experience
Years of experience
Happy customers
Happy customers



1- High quality :

We give your shipments high attention to reach according to their competitive quality

2- Fast delivery :

Hargo faster than you can imagine

3- excellent service :

We believe in what we offer and are responsible for what we produce to satisfy you

Is producing the best quality and most suitable adhesive for our customers and the most suitable for their needs. To this end, our products are in the strictest detail required.

Outperform every leading competitor in the market through quality, service and innovation

The satisfaction of our customers is the reason for our continuity.

We provide a supportive environment, care and appreciation to our employees who are our most precious asset.

We use the latest technology in the continuous development of our products and services.

Preserving the environment and paying attention to the safety and well-being of human life during each stage of the process.

We aspire to reach leadership center globally, not only locally

Definition of the reliability, advantages and positive effects that resulted from the company’s presence.

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